Mares Antifog GEL


Mares Antifog Gel is particularly handy if you prefer not to 'spit' in your mask just before you put your mask on for a dive or to go snorkelling. Helps to prevent the glass lenses of your scuba/snorkelling mask from fogging up by preventing the build-up of condensation.

A quick squirt of this Anti-Fog Gel on the inside and outside of your lenses, wait and then rinse off.

Not designed for use on swim goggles, plastic lenses or contact lenses.

Do ensure you have previously thoroughly cleaned the internal surface of your mask lenses prior to use to ensure this Anti-Fog solution can work effectively. 60ml bottle


  • Prevents Condensation Build-Up
  • 60ml Bottle
  • Brush Hea

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Mares Antifog GEL

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